Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lesbian Officer

As a rookie officer there is so much you have to protect yourself against. Being GAY shouldn't be one of them. It doesn't matter if you are in the closet or out, both bring pros and cons. I don't know which is easier to do. If everyone knows you are a lesbian and you look like a dyke you may be treated as one of the boys. On the other hand you can also be discriminated against. If you are a fem, our macho cops will swear they can change you, fulfill their fantasies and the sexual harassment will never end. If you go in as just another plain Jane you will have to prove yourself as being able to do a mans job, deal with sexual harassment and you will find yourself telling one lie after another to cover up your true self. I would like to have you share your stories, maybe we can help someone make the right decision for themselves. Thanks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Size Doesn't Matter

When I was in the academy there was alot of talk about the physical exam we needed to pass in order to graduate. The obstacle course we had to run wasn't a problem but I dreaded having to jump over the wall. I thought how easy it was for the guys who were generally over 5'6". To my surprise the wall was easy to jump over, you just needed that good jump right before you reached it. Dragging that dummy was the problem, not because of how much it weighed but because it was so awkward. The test was to drag the 150 lbs or so dummy from point A to point B. The dummies head was 3 times the size of any human big head, then it had a long neck. The test required you to put your arms under the armpits of the dummy and drag it in that position. I was approximately 103 lbs when I was in the academy and stood 5'3/4" tall. I did not have arms long enough to get into that position. So I had to bend, stick that head into my stomach area and with the tips of my fingers drag that damn dummy praying I wouldn't lose my grip. The dummy was made from stiff hard materials so my fingers bled but I refused to have that dummy fail me. When all was said and done I finished my obstacle course with flying colors...I had over half a minute left on my time. Some of the tallest recruits I knew passed the exam by the skin of their teeth. One or two seconds more and they would have failed. So ladies don't let your size, weight, height or even age deter you. Have it in your heart and give it your all, you will succeed. Remember NO Pain NO Gain, my torn fingers survived until I had to go to the shooting range. Do you know how hard it is to break in a spankin brand new leather holster? Well, more on bleeding fingers another time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Female Cops (Being One of the Boys)

Women in Law Enforcement always endure more than males. All I ask for is equality, recognition, support and respect. I don't think I am asking for too much. In the academy, early on I was told this job is not fair...heres a scenario: if a male officer gets shot in the buttocks he is running for cover...if this same scenario involved a female officer she would be labled a coward. My question is why the double standard? If you are interested in more...I can accomodate. Ok if you insist heres one more: women who advance are subject to the phrase "Its who you know or who you blow". hmm